Addisons Disease More Condition_symptoms What Exactly Does Addisons Disease Do To A Person?

What exactly does addisons disease do to a person? - addisons disease more condition_symptoms

My sister has Addison's disease and want to know the difference between his illness and its consequences, and if they just a big old drama queen - - How can I say? At what age the disease hits hardest? What is the probability of sudden death?


TMLeaf Fan said...

ught by exercise. Hydrocortisone should be injected immediately to sustain life. Supportive treatment of hypertension is usually necessary, as well.

Some people with Addison's disease learn to receive an emergency injection of hydrocortisone in stress situations. It is important for the person with Addison's disease, always require a doctor's statement indicating the type of medication and the right dose to bear in an emergency.

Never skip doses of medication for this condition as life-threatening reactions occur May. If you can not keep medicines due to vomiting, tell your health care provider, go to the emergency room or call the local emergency number (such as 911) immediately.

Also report sudden weight gain or fluid retention in the service of health.

divi said...

This disease is mainly due to lack of hormone production by hypoadrenalism corticotropic
by a negative reaction mech CRH and melanocyte-stimulating hormone, also increased, the patient hyperpigmentation on each body part will have
Sudden death occurs rarely
The disease occurs primarily in women over 40 years

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