What Should Cervical Mucus Look Like Before Period LADIES PLEASE HELP :cervical Mucus:?

LADIES PLEASE HELP :cervical mucus:? - what should cervical mucus look like before period

Month 1:
1/01/07 - First day of the cycle
1/12/07 - A little bit of fertile
1/13/07 - Fertile
1/14/07 - very fruitful
1/15/07 - The time of ovulation

In a cycle of 28 days. My time was 1 January 2008 .. Ive been dancing baby all my fertile days. In the last 4-5 days I had cramps, severe pain low down on both sides. my back was severely injured to sit or lie! can not sleep, Wakeing keep it up! Very general, even in this month is, it is PMS symptoms after only 1 day longer than the breasts of ovulation (pain) in this month i havnt at all! Just give me cramp cramps and usually only 2 days before my time. also
MOCO CERVICAL nevvver and I've noticed the other day to urinate before I left for Whip: IMR: down somthing I saw was like: wtf: and it was a group knows how much milk as the texture and appearance does not mean that a pregnancy? I believe, as in 8.9 SPR chest pain at all .... and then today went to toilet and so still a little white


Alexanders and Katherines mama said...

If you are pregnant, nor produce cm Type of ovulation. The best way to take a test completes. Much of what could be symptoms of pregnancy are often quite strange symptoms of PMS. Also a supplement to start taking folic acid now. Helps prevent neural tube defects. It's never too early, but possibly too late to start taking.

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